Questions to Ask Breeders

The Breeders listed on Go Puppy take great pride in their dogs, kennels, and the preservation of their pedigree lines. These Breeders follow the breed standards as well as appropriate health clearances. Our site is a membership only website that does not allow access to puppy mills and unethical breeders.

  • OUR MISSION:  Education is the key. These days, the internet is full of websites selling puppies, many of which have been bred in puppy mills. Our site strives to eliminate this worry and offers security to prospective Puppy Owners who are searching for an ethical breeder.

Questions to ask any Breeder:

(It is important to remember, not all breeders will belong to local or parent clubs.)

  • Are you a member of the breed parent club and do you follow the parent club code of ethics?
  • Do you have a copy of the code of ethics I could review?  Note: It is important to remember, not all breeders will belong to local or parent clubs.
  • How many different breeds of dogs do you breed?
  • How many litters of each breed do you have in a year?
  • What age do you breed your dogs?
  • What criteria (tests, health certifications, OFAss) do you require of your breeding stock and why?
  • What are the known health problems with this breed and what steps are you taking to minimize the chance of those problems occurring in your litters?
  • Do you have test results (copies of documentation from OFA or from DNA testing results) on both parents?
  • What requirements must a Puppy Buyer meet to receive one of your puppies?
  • Do you have a puppy questionnaire?
  • Do you require a contract? If so, what are the terms and guarantees?
  • What does your contract say about hereditary problems?
  • What type of registration (limited or full) does your contract offer?
  • What is outlined in your contract regarding spaying or neutering?