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Island Guard Cane Corso

Puppies Available
Cane Corso with correct structure and temperament based in Oahu Hawaii
HI! Welcome to Wolfpack Labradors! My name is Stephanie Wolfinger. I have had Labrador Retrievers for over 15 years. My first Labrador Retriever was a chocolate girl named Jade; I got her when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child Skyler. I haven't looked back since. I love Labrador Retrievers...
Owner/handler of up and coming black Labrador males.


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We are a family owned and operated non-kennel, hobby breeders who breed 2-4 litters a year. We do compete in Conformation and have had our dogs participate in Hunt tests. We have bred 1 Can-Am Champion and hope to have more. Our focus is on raising clean dogs,...
Founder of Australian Terrier International. I had the first two Australian Terriers to win all three- National Specialty, Eukanuba and Westminster dog shows. I breed for temperament and health. Dogs are fed high grade human food and are pets that show not show dogs that happen to live in a...
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